April 28, 2019: The Federal Intellectual Property Office grants CAD Software Solutions the first patent for it’s unique process of data simplification

SparePartsPlace Enterprise

SPPT Enterprise for Inventor 2020 is now released! All features&functions of the  SPP Professional version and also a dynamic mesh- and geometry simplification are now available as a Multi-Core application. The ultimate solution for a full-automated processing of very big assemblies for all XR Apps:
Plastic Mold Machine with 11’500 parts and 819 assemblies in 3 hours and 11 minutes XR ready!

CAD Real Time Tools for Autodesk Inventor

Inventor AddIn with sophisticated algorithms for the preparation and simplification of components / assemblies and for the generation of proprietary SPP CAD data formats


SPPV, the online 3D Spare Part Catalog for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and all Android Devices. CAD Real Time in ThreeJS and WebGL pages

Unity3D Developer Tools

Unity3D Package for high-end CAD data full-featured visualization for developing high-performance Unity3D CAD apps for web pages, mobile devices, VR, AR, WMR, and HoloLens applications