SPP Toolkit Version 2021.2 relesed

Widnau (Switzerland), October 22nd, 2020: CAD Software Solutions releases version 2021.2 of the SparePartsPlace Toolkit for Autodesk Inventor. Extensive innovations and improvements to the calculation algorithms increase the performance of the complex recalculations by up to a factor of 4. The SPP Viewer also received numerous enhancements and improvements.

Innovations in the SPP Viewer concern:

  • Optional collision test via Octree (performance for large assemblies)
  • Optimized loading times
  • Storage optimization
  • Faster calculation of normals
  • Integrated display of PDF documents
  • Integrated change of the screen resolution (only Windows or OSX)
  • Integrated change of the screen resolution (only Windows or OSX)Integrated change of quality levels

The revision and redesign of the essential algorithms for the simplification and mesh calculation of the CAD models reduces the preparation of large CAD assemblies (> 10,000 individual parts) by up to 75%. The reprocessing of a machine with 11,500 individual parts is reduced under identical conditions from 3h 02′ to just 45′ 15″. This corresponds to a saving of 75% in the running time.

The heart of the processing of large amounts of CAD data is the controller, which controls the distribution of the computing load on all available cores. An essential extension of the controller is the integrated restart function, which monitors and controls independently in relation to the utilization of the individual applications and cores. And this innovation has a full impact: very large CAD assemblies with 40,000 individual parts and more can be simplified, optimized and prepared for WEB, mobile and VR / AR apps in the shortest possible throughput times. The simplification strategies can also be applied dynamically-regressively to the 2nd and 3rd hierarchy level with the controller. This means that the models increase in quality and execution details for the observer the deeper he navigates into the assembly structure.

Innovations in the SPP Toolkit concern:

  • 3 optimization levels for assemblies (only PRO and ENTERPRISE)
  • Output of additional user properties
  • Output options and settings can be stored in profiles
  • Automatic suppression of reference instances on output
  • Full support of solid and surface models
  • Full support of combined components (volume and surfaces in the same component)
  • Full support for assembly features
  • Multi-core support for large assemblies (ENTERPRISE only)
  • Significant reduction in calculation times (up to 4x)
  • And much more

Get a testversion at: info@sparepartsplace.com

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