Native SPP: 3D CAD Data in a Webpage:

CAD Software Solutions provides the tools to integrate high performant native SPP file format directly into Threejs web pages. The navigation through the complete assembly structure as well as the display of meta-information of the components and subassemblies opens up completely new application possibilities of 3D data in web browsers – runs on all platforms: PC, Mac, Tablets and Smartphones.

see Demo samples for native SPP

Full Featured 3D Erstazteilkatalog mit Unity3D:

SPP Technology generates complete spare parts catalogs from your 3D data with just a few clicks. The variable geoemetry simplification and the dynamic mesh optimization achieves the best results in terms of loading and rendering times as well as performance in interactions – even for assemblies with several thousand individual parts.

SPP Toolkit: find out more

see SPP Catalog Demo samples

Fast and easy visualization of 3D CAD data in a Webpage:

SPP Technology supports direct output of OBJ from Inventor for Parts and Assemblies. This enables quick and easy publication of products. CAD Software Solutions provides the users of SPPT with the necessary Threejs files.

see Demo samples for SPP OBJ