The high compressed native SPP file format within Threejs Webpages, full featured incl. navigation through all Subassemblies and display of the Parts und Assemblies Meta information:

Interactions in full-featured HTML-Webpages with Native SPP 3D-Data


  • Rotate: Press and hold left mouse button and move the mouse up/down and left/right to rotate around the model. On mobile devices tap and hold. To reset the camera position use the UI-button ‘Options/Reset camera’.
  • Zoom: Use the middle mouse button to zoom in and out. On mobile devices use two fingers to zoom.
  • Pan: Press and hold the right mouse button to move the model.
  • Selection: Double click to select/deselect an assembly or part. The selected object will get an outline and additional information will be shown in the statusbar. This selects the corresponding part in the ‘Geometry’ list as well.


  • Geometry: This list shows the currently selected object or selects another part. The newly selected object gets outlined and the statusbar will be updated.


  • Toggle wireframe: Use the wireframe feature to see occluded parts.
  • Explosion factor: Use this feature to ‘explode’ the model and possibly show hidden parts
  • Reset camera: Use this button to reset the initial camera position and rotation.


  • Home: Load the root assembly of the current model.
  • Back: Load the parent of the current object
  • Load: Load the currently selected part/assembly
  • Close/Open controls: Hide or show the UI.


  • To select any object of a model double click the part inside the window or use the ‘Geometry’ list in the UI