This Video shows the use of the SparePartsPlace Toolkit Unitypackage: create your own scene for WMR and MS HoloLens within minutes… with full access to CAD geometry, Assembly hierarchy, Assembly and Part meta information, navigation through the Assembly structure, etc.

The SparePartsPlace Toolkit Unitypackage also includes predefined functions for local/Cloud CAD Data access and download, Server credentials, Scene creation, Geometry selection, Assembly hierarchy access, meta data access, …and much more – ready to build into your WMR and MS HoloLens Project:


Try out the f.o.c. SparePartsPlace Unity3D package – get it now and build your Unity3D Application within Minutes:

    We are preparing a Webinar and a Workshop near Munich (Germany). Please let us know if you would be interested in participating (this is not a binding registration!). The Webinar/Workshop will show you how easy and high automated large CAD Assemblies can be optimzed and how easy Unity3D, HoloLens, MVR, AR and VR Developers create Applications with the SPP Unity3D Package using SPP CAD Data:

    Yes, I would be interested in a WebinarYes, I would be interested in participating a Workshopour Company is interested in a On-Site Workshop, please contact me

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